Intelligent – Stamping with a system

Innovations in stamping technology give our customers a valuable competitive edge. You too can benefit from our strategy to further develop and enhance well established market standards well-known on the market in combination with new technology from our partners. We exploit this expertise starting with the low cost segment up to and including the special processes listed below:

Cut-around technique for pin contacts with flexible press-fit design (needle eye).

Feed-in and assembly of wire, rivets or turned parts for integration in stamped parts.

In-die camera technology used for sorting good/bad parts on the strip or bulk goods.

Laser technology integrated in the tool is used to efficiently join components.

Single-stage production for the manufacture of multi-part contacts fully integrates a number of steps in one stamping process.

Fully automated stamping lines with robots for handling, feed systems, laser marking, vision control, measurement robots, packing in trays, stacking in magazines.